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Hi, I'm Mary Ann!

20 something and located in Orange County, CA. Painfully shy and socially awkward. Klaine is my OTP for life. This started off as a personal blog but now it's where I go to fangirl out on Darren Criss, Chris Colfer, Glee, Supernatural, Fringe, Harry Potter, & 1D. I do nail art for fun and I love cupcakes. This blog is not spoiler free!

"It's pages and pages of Klaine. So much Klaine." - Anon

"I laughed, I cried, I raged. I was reminded why I hate Glee so much. And then re-reminded why I love it so much. Klaine. That's it." - CourtsLosinIt

The Sam to my Dean


Slytherin wasn’t the only founder to leave a concealed chamber at Hogwarts— before her death, Helga Huffelpuff created a secret room which would help all students, regardless of house affiliation or purity of blood. It’s been called many things throughout the centuries; today it’s known as the Room of Requirement. 

Track Title: Beauty School Drop Out (Acapella)

Artist: Glee Cast

Album: 4x06

Beauty School Drop Out (Acapella) - Glee Cast


Body Art by Gesine Marwedel, Germain artist.

OTP Challenge - {1/3} Episodes

We’re really doing it. Living together, building a future together.  

And in the sport of ‘Actor Tossing’, we have Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles.


Have u ever just sat back and actually thought about how much fucking gay porn you’ve read